Strata Clean NZ is a leading provider of abrasive blasting services in Auckland. We are a premier abrasive blasting company offering a range of services for various applications. Be it for your home, store, building, or even your boat, we have the equipment and expertise to strip dirt, grime, and other unwanted layers and surfaces.

What makes our services different from others is that we really put a premium on ensuring we only work on the surfaces you want cleaned without damaging the base layers. Whether it’s concrete, steel, bricks, or even sandstone, we can remove surface stains, paints, and unwanted layers quickly and efficiently.

Our range of Auckland abrasive blasting services include:

Swimming Preparation

Sand or remove paint to ready for repainting, or remove rotten plaster and ready for applying plaster of choice.

Graffiti Removal

Remove vandalism from any surface without the use of solvents which drive the paint further into the surface.

Brick Restoration

Gently clean away many years of dirt and paint spots, Remove unsightly paint from bricks, and turn old bricks into feature walls.

Anti-Foul Removal

Remove anti-foul the easy way with no damage, Remove rust from steel hulls and ready for painting, Clean stainless steel, brass i.e. Propellers, and shafts.

Building Restoration

Gently clean delicate surfaces of historic buildings for long lasting good looks. Clean stone like Oamaru and Wairau without damage to the stonework.

Concrete Preparation

Repair exposed aggregate on driveways where chemicals did not work properly. Rejuvenate old driveways and paths. Lightly expose the surface to remove slipperiness.

Fire & Smoke Damage Removal

Remove charcoal and smoke damage from any surface.

Steel Preparation

Remove rust and paint from steel fences and structures, ready for painting.

Waterproofing Preparation

Remove paint and plaster from concrete structures, ready for waterproofing.

Delivering Great Quality Results

Strata Clean NZ partners with leading equipment companies and suppliers to ensure our clients get only the best and latest materials for their needs. Our abrasive blasting services in Auckland combine these high quality materials with the years of expertise of our team to deliver results you can count on.

Our team of specialists have been in the industry for years, learning the best techniques through first-hand experience. Trust that when we work on your property, we’re following the industry’s best practices to deliver great results. The methods we pass on to our team and the procedures we put in place ensure that every specialist strives to achieve excellent results in any aspect of water blasting.

Strata Clean NZ only employs abrasive blasting professionals, not part-time or seasonal staff that lack the proper training and experience. We make sure our specialists have the skills and ability to carry out work according to our company’s quality and safety standards. When a Strata Clean team comes into your home or property, expect that the surface you want cleaned will be blasted thoroughly and efficiently.

Each member of our staff works proactively to follow health and safety guidelines and procedures. We make sure to avoid contaminating local storm water drainage systems, which flows directly to our local streams and waterways. When we can, we substitute chemicals with other more eco-friendly alternatives. When we do have to use chemicals, we get the right ratio to ensure we’re using the lowest possible amounts while still achieving great results.

Get in touch with us today for quality, efficient abrasive blasting services in Auckland. Our expert staff is standing by to answer your calls and questions.